Small box market analysis and development


With the current development of society and the improvement of people's living standards and pursuits, the idea of winning by volume has gradually become a quality victory. This is because our country used to be relatively barren, and the economic environment is not optimistic, and At that time, there were not many private packaging manufacturers. Most of these industrialized industries basically had to be controlled by the state. However, with the changes in the environment, our country has gradually grown and become one of the world-class economies. Many orders to the world have gradually changed. People seem to have no pursuit of quantity, but have higher requirements for quality, and the box is getting smaller and smaller. The small box will naturally become People's choices, what causes these changes to happen?

First of all, analyze the relationship between quality and quantity. Their relationship is generally inversely proportional. Whether it is a high quality or a general paper box, they are limited by the needs and budget of the merchant. When a merchant needs a larger number of ordinary paper packaging boxes, 100,000 yuan can be set to 100,000, but if you need a good quality small box of 100,000 yuan, you may only order 50,000. Of course, this choice There are advantages and disadvantages. If the ordinary packaging box is more concerned about the general commodity, the consumer may pay more attention to the price. The ordinary paper packaging box can effectively compress the cost of the talent, and the packaging is not too expensive. The small box is more suitable for high-end goods, those goods cost and profit are high, if through a customized small box can help his talent value greatly improved, and generally the consumer of this product is qualitative Mainly, that is, consumption power, the cost of such high consumption is not liked by all consumers, so the small package does not need too much quantity, exquisite quality It is the key to its success.

As mentioned above, the market for small boxes is aimed at some high-end consumer industries with high profits and profits. Like the jewelry industry, their market may be many consumers will only go two or three times in their lifetime, once they marry. The second time is that the children are married, and the third time is the best friend to marry. This kind of guest is basically the majority of consumers at the grassroots level. They are less likely to go back. The purpose of their consumption is not to decorate themselves, but to discuss the occasion of customary habits. The intention of turning back is not high. Even if the box is not a small box, it will directly return to this extremely low possibility. In the middle and upper reaches of the petty bourgeoisie or the local level customer, their consumption purpose is simple decoration purpose. It is undoubted that paying attention to the show. As our country grows stronger and stronger, and the economic strength becomes more and more powerful, this group of people is getting more and more, so a small box is not enough enough to be extraordinarily Important, do not want to lose such core customers, the small box can be said to be one of the most important packaging means to create a market leader.