Common boutique box type


Boutique boxes usually have wooden boxes, leather boxes, paper boxes, iron boxes, plastic boxes and other materials. Among them, wooden boxes mainly contain, painted wooden boxes, the main distinction is matte and bright, and the use of different paints; in addition to the paint wooden box, there will be a wooden box, also known as a solid wood box; It is the original wooden box made of real wood, such as: rubber wood box, bamboo box, pine box, paulownia box, rosewood box, black walnut box, cedar box and so on.

The leather boxes are mostly PU leather gift boxes, of course, there will also be leather gift boxes, commonly used pigskin, and layer leather is mostly. There are more paper cartons, paper cartons for printing paper, cartons for special paper, cartons for paper, kraft paper cartons, and so on. The plastic embryo gift box is a box whose plastic body is made of plastic, mainly plastic paper, various kinds of paper, various kinds of cloth, or various kinds of cloth, and even the practice of painting on the outside. According to the applicable scene and its functions, the boutique packaging box can be divided into: watch box, jewelry box, perfume box, electronic product packaging box, gift box, coin box, tea box, wine box, cigarette case, etc. .

Watch boxes are commonly used in wooden boxes, plastic boxes, cartons; usually some brands customize their own branded watch boxes. Such as: Longines, Tissot, Yibo, Tianwang, etc.; the characteristics of the watch box are large, the unit price is general, and the manual requirements are strict. Jewelry box, this category will be subdivided into many kinds, such as ring box, earring box, earring box, earring box, necklace box, bracelet box, pendant box, bracelet box, set box, box, box and many more. This category, such as Swarovski Crystal, Diamond Family, Chow Tai Fook, Satford, China Gold, etc., is a large-scale customized packaging box. Because it is a consumer product, the general quantity is more. Of course, the unit price is also general.

Perfume boxes are mainly customers in the Middle East, where the general related products exist, and the packaging also corresponds to where they appear. The box of point products is mainly high-end mobile phone packaging boxes that have emerged in recent years. There are more gift boxes for high-end smart wearable packaging boxes, etc. Various packaging boxes suitable for products used as gifts can be called Gift box. For example: bird's nest box, cordyceps box, ginseng box, antler box, maca box, all kinds of small gift boxes, ceramic packaging boxes, tea set boxes and so on. There are also a lot of coin boxes, mainly various gold and silver coins, commemorative coin boxes, such as Chinese gold coins, Australian kangaroo coins, American eagle coins and so on.